Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Critical Review Book(s)

It has been a long while since anyone has posted here. One reason is that the creative frenzy of last year, in which many different ideas about the financial crisis were debated, has lapsed into a hegemonic consensus about the causes of the crisis (see next post), so there hasn't been much for us to link to.

But the other reason is that the University of Pennsylvania Press is republishing Critical Review's special issue on the crisis in book form, under the title The Causes of the Financial Crisis, and Shterna Friedman (the managing editor) and I (the editor) have had our hands full preparing the volume for republication, including a complete revision of my introduction to the issue in light of more recent developments and research.

The new book should be on sale by September and is available for discounted group purchase and, of course, classroom use. Contact me about this at

Making matters worse (or better, depending on your perspective), the University of Pennsylvania Press has also commissioned Causes of the Crisis Blog editor Wladimir Kraus and me to coauthor a second book, Engineering the Perfect Storm: How Reasonable Regulations Caused the Financial Crisis, and we have been hard at work on it. Our target completion date is September 1, which would allow the book to be available for course adoption for Spring 2011.

Sorry that we have therefore been out of touch.

Jeffrey Friedman

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